Application Developer's Guide

This tutorial presumes that you have read the Getting Started tutorial.

Ruff development steps

There are five Ruff development steps:

  1. Create project
  2. Add devices
  3. Build hardware
  4. Coding
  5. Deployment

1. Create project

Run the following command in an empty folder:

rap init

This will automatically create the project files you will need to start the development process.

2. Add devices

Find the devices you need, such as sensors or buttons, here.

You can also find driver information for devices in the above link. You can add these using the following command:

rap device add your-device-id

The device id is defined for later use in your code. This command will add necessary information into package.json and app.json.

You must enter the model name of your device in order to install drivers and dependencies.

3. Add additional packages

Sometimes you may need to add additional packages or utilities. You can find them here. Use the following command to download and install packages:

rap install package-name --save

This will also update package.json.

4. Build your hardware

Once you have added all of your devices, use this command:

rap layout

This will generate a layout to help you build your hardware.

5. Coding

Now you can write the code that will change the world!

For more information, see the Ruff Programming Model

6. Deployment

When you finish coding, deploy and test your code using the following command:

rap deploy -s