About Ruff

What’s Ruff?

Ruff is an IoT operating system, using JavaScript as its programing language.

I know nothing about hardware development. Can I use Ruff?

For sure, you still can use ruff to develop hardware if you have some experience in software development. JavaScript is not too difficult, is it?

What can I do with Ruff?

It all depends on your imagination and motivation. We have explored in different domains:

  • manufacture industry: collect production data, energy management;
  • commerce: environment data collecting, power saving
  • smart office: entrance guard, device sharing etc.

Is compilation required for Ruff?

No, not at all.

Do I need to write a driver for Ruff?

For application developers, please go to Rap Registry on Rap Registry and search for the driver.

How to write a Ruff application?

Please follow our interactions in Getting Started.

What kind of hareware does Ruff support?

Basically, Ruff is a cross-platform that means you can Ruff on many and various hardwares. Ruff development kit currently is based on MIPS; Ruff for Raspberry Pi is based on ARM. We will release more different firmwares for different hardware in the future.

How many device does Ruff support?

Please search Rap Registry for further information and check the catalog of devices. Also, you can write your driver for a specific device and share it to Rap Registry with the developer community.

Can I use Ruff for production?

Actually we are working on it currently and will soon release the solutions in coming future. Please subscribe our newsletter or follow us on social media for the latest updates.

Trouble Shooting


How to connect power to the board?

You can connect board with Mini USB to your power.

How long should I wait after power on?

It takes some time to boot for the board. The on board LED will blink during the boot. When the red LED is blinking, boot has been finished successfully. You can start your WiFi configuration.

Network Configuration

Why can’t the board connect 5GHz WiFi?

Only 2.4GHz is supported for now.

How to reconfigure the board WiFi if my WiFi is changed?

Simply run rap wifi again. If it still does not work, press the most right RESET over 10 seconds for factory rest.

What should I do if no device is found with rap scan

Please make sure rap wifi with correct SSID and password. If still no device found, you can rap scan -t <second> to increase the search time, e.g. rap scan -t 15`.

Do I need to connect board and my computer with cable?

No, rap wifi uses wireless. Cable is not required. Please make sure SSID and password are correct and your board and computer are in same WiFi.

My WiFi configuration does not work. Is there any other approach to configure my network?

Refer to here to find more configuration apporoaches.

Hareware Configuration

What’s the on-board button configuration?

Refer to here

How to connect device to board?

run rap layout --visual and it will tell you how connect. Then connect them with Dupont Line.

Can I use the device beyond the development kit?

Sure, but you need to make sure you have found driver Rap Registry, or you can write a driver for it.

Why is my sensor insensitive?

Some sensor sensitivity is adjustable. A screw can be found in sensor. Try to adjust it by yourself.

How do I know the voltage of device?

Go to Rap Registry, search your device. The voltage will be in device information page.

How to reset the board?

The on-board red button is used to restart your system. The most right black button is used for factory RESET: press it over 10 seconds.


What should I do if nothing is happen for rap log?

Please make sure you run rap log in your application directory. Connected to device will be shown if connected.

What should I do if rap deploy is stuck?

Press Ctrl + C and then retry.

How can I do if no device is found for rap device add?

Please make sure the model exists in Rap Registry.

Can I customize device ID for rap device add?

Yes, it’s for you. This ID is used to control your device in application. Note: ID is different from model. Model is used to search device in Rap Registry.

Why doesn’t rap start work?

Please use rap log to check what happen.

How to update driver?

rap device update <ID>


How can I upgrade Ruff firmware?

Refer to Firmware-Upgrade.

Why can’t the board connect to WiFi after upgrade?

Please reconfig the WiFi by AP. Reboot board one more time and try again.