Firmware Update

You may periodically need to update firmware in order to support the latest Ruff features. This can be done by following the procedures outlined below.


Update SDK

Go to our download page, find the latest SDK, download and extract files, and replace your current SDK files and folders

Download firmware

The latest firmware can be found here. Download the bin file.

Connect your board

When the board is successfully started, a wireless hotspot named Ruff-[SN] ([SN] is the device serial number) is set up. Use the development machine to connect the hotspot, then execute the following steps.(the hotspot has no Internet access).


Web upgrade

Firmware upgrade can be done via webpage:

Enter in the browser. Select Firmware, clickSelect, select the firmware file to upgrade, take ruffos-1.11.4.bin for instance.


After select the firmware file, ruffos-1.6.0.bin will be successfully displayed on the page, click the Upgrade, confirm the upgrade.


Command line upgrade

The following command will update the firmware on your board.

rap system upgrade path-to-firmware-file
  • ip-address is the IP address of the board.
  • path-to-firmware-file is the path of the bin file.

Note: Make sure board power is on before you update.
Note: After upgrading, any information saved on the device will be deleted.