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What is Ruff ?

Ruff is an IOT Operating System on which developers can use JavaScript to develop IOT applications. Ruff provides an open, efficient and swift IOT development platform to software developers. Ruff’s goal is to make IOT application development easier.

Ruff family includes Ruff OS, Ruff SDK, Rap Registry and Ruff development Kit. It’s very easy for you to get started. All you need to have is only software development experience.

  • Ruff OS. It runs on development board, provides runtime enviornment for Ruff application.
  • Ruff SDK. It needs to be installed on host PC, including all the development related modules, tools and documents.
  • Rap Registry. It is software management platform of Ruff modules/drivers, provides modules publishing & downloading services. (NPM Registry is to node.js what Rap Regisitry is to Ruff)
  • Ruff Development Kit. The kit includes Ruff offical development board (ruff-mdb-v1) and multiple devices (like button, relay, etc.)

How to use Ruff ?

Read Ruff documents.

Get Started > Take three minutes to light a LED, help beginners to kick off

Develop App > Start to develop real Ruff applications using Ruff

Advanced > To learn Ruff advanced parts like drivers or board development

After you have learned basic development steps, you can refer to the following resources.

What can Ruff do ?

If you want to know what can be done by Ruff, it’s up to your imagination. We have already tried in many fields.

  • Creative Design (balanced car, drum robot, watering robot, etc.)
  • Industry (PLC data collection, warning information notification, etc.)
  • Agriculture (enviornment data monitor, auto-waterring, etc.)
  • Power Management (electricity consumption data acqusition, 24-hour remote monotir, etc.)
  • Office Automation (smart entrance guard system, remote light control, etc.)
  • Home Automation (remote controller, remote surveillance, etc.)


Q&A FAQ list
Ruff Development Kit The insturctions and specifications of on-sale Kit
Official Devices Offical hardware devices, drivers and modules
Community Experience/cases sharing, tutorials, etc.
Rap Registry You can search drivers/modules here

About how to make a commercial product from a Ruff prototype, or other questions, please send email to: ``

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