Ruff Official Modules

Devices and Drivers

The following devices and drivers are supported by Ruff team.

BuzzerFC-49Sound-producing devicebuzzer-gpio
LCD ModuleLCD1602-0216X2 LCD to display characterlcd1602-pcf8574-hd44780
LED ModuleKY-016Colorful LED controled by RGBky-016
Push Button ModuleCK002Push button module to control other modulesbutton-gpio
Sound SensorSOUND-01Detecting loudness in ambientsound-01
Light Intensity SensorGY-30Detect digital light intensitygy-30
5V Relay ModuleRELAY-1CAn electrically operated switchrelay-1c
Temperature Humidity SensorDHT11a temperature & humidity sensor complex with a calibrated digital signal outputdht11
IR TransmitterIRT-01Send Infrared signalruff-v1-infrared-sender
IR ReceiverIRR-01Receive Infrared signalruff-v1-infrared-receiver
Flame SensorFLAME-01Detector flame for temperatureflame-gpio
Vibrating SensorSW-1801PFor a variety of seismic triggering effect, reported the alarm, intelligent car, electronic buildingsw-1801p
Infrared Induction ModuleHC-SR501Detect someone enter/leave the sensing rangehc-sr501
Harmful Gas Detector ModuleFC-22Detect Harmful Gas in ambientfc-22
Joystick Modulejoystick-9pWith 360-degree rotation,to control the motion of some objectjoystick
Camera With USB Interface (UVC protocol)-Take photosruff-v1-usb-camera-manager
Audio Capture or Playback Device With USB Interface-Capture or Playback Audioruff-v1-usb-audio-manager
USB Storage Device-Store dataruff-v1-usb-storage-manager


The following devices and drivers are developed by Ruff team.

NameUsageProject URL
promisePromise Implementation
tBDD style testing framework
homeWeb framework
menuMenu library for LCD 1602

The following devices and drivers are ported by Ruff team.

NameUsageProject URL
MQTTMQTT Implementation